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Twitch TTS Bot v1.5
Couple of minor bugs fixes, and fixed saving and loading of sound redeems and sound files having spaces.

Twitch TTS Bot v1.4
Fixed reconnect to IRC, now i'ts more reliable and stays connected and functional over a long period of time.

Twitch TTS Bot v1.3
Updated the sound list to now Que the sounds so that people cant overrun the bot with sound events.


ID Command update v1.3
Small update included commands for sending keyboard stokes to applications like games.

ID Command update v1.1
Small update included command-line arguments for executables.

Download ID Command v1.1

ID Command release v1.0
ID Command is a voice command software, this program can be setup to execute program by using voice recognition, requires Administrator privileges.

Download from

ID Command

Music Released
Released some of my old 90s songs that were made on an Amiga Computer using OctaMED Sound Studio. Protection Status © 2020 Inbound Dreams, All rights reserved.